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Biostar Technology International, LLC, owns and develops software for NLS Technologies. Biostar is the only company that owns the Copyright and Trademarks to many innovative works like Vector Expert or Biostar Veritas. Its mainstream professional device is a biofeedback device called Biostar-NLS, which uses an electromagnetic noise generating field to detect the various frequencies of the human body. The latest device offered by Biostar Technology is the Biostar-Q, based on the hardware made by Bruce Copen Laboratories in Germany, a pioneer company with 70+ years of experience in the field of radionics and bio-resonance technology.

Mr. Ulysses Angulo-Sheretov
President and CTO

Mr. Sheretov’s career began in 1996 during the infancy of Information Technology and spanned for 13 years. During this time, Mr. Sheretov developed his skills as a programmer and network architect. With 25 years of experience,we lead in this field with expert advice that is highly valued in health organizations and professionals.

Ing. Maria Sheretova
Chief Executive Officer

Mrs. Maria Sheretova, received her Masters in International Trade and Business in 2014 from Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic and in 2016 founded Biostar Technology International, LLC for the Advancement of Alternative Health and Technology. Maria chairs all Investments in the company as well as oversees new lines of products.

Ms. Evelyne Ustarroz
Vice President, Sales

Ms. Ustarroz has been using his skills to advise the alternative health industry with reputable technology rooted in biological sciences. Having experienced a rampant misrepresentation of technology throughout the world, Ms. Ustarroz enjoys being dedicated to offering medical technology for the educated consumer.

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USA Corporation

Biostar Technology International, LLC
19425 Soledad Canyon Road, Suite 492
Santa Clarita, CA 91351
United States of America

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Private Medical Membership Association

Biostar Organix Healthcare Association, PMMA
2912 West Colorado Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90041
United States of America

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European Headquarters

Biostar Technology s.r.o.
Tlumačovská 2766/26,
Stodůlky (Praha 13), 155 00
Czech Republic

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